"Ressonen entre riures i plors cops inesperats de vides guiades a la mort.

Vides, tan lliures com ho vulguis creure, penjant d’un fil transparent que les anima. Jugant pels rius de lava que desemboquen a la gran pedra cantem, els ignorants, càntics d’una vida que tant estimem, tot desitjant que no s’acabi mai.

I mentrestant, la guerra dels coneguts desconeguts continua..."

"Thinking of the civilians imprisoned in war zones one cannot help but feel the immense pain and profound loss they must endure. In the midst of conflict, innocent lives are caught in the crossfire, facing unimaginable hardships every day. These individuals are stripped of their freedom, separated from their loved ones, and subjected to inhumane conditions. The emotional and physical toll they experience is immeasurable, as they bear witness to the destruction and devastation surrounding them. War leaves scars not only on the battlegrounds but also on the hearts and souls of those unfortunate enough to be trapped within its confines. It is a stark reminder of the tragic consequences of human conflict and the urgent need for peace and compassion in our world."

A collaboration with:

Josianne Fleming, Patxi Torres Maria Pilar Sanz and Teatre Fortuny's team.