Com t'estimo is a dance piece that involves voice, music and dance, all live performed within the COS Festival in Reus (Spain). Commissioned by Reus Cultura.

"Specially in the times we are living where of grand isolation, great violence, radical ideologies to overcome big crisis are emerging, I find really important to defend the most simple values of coexistence through the arts and artistic languages that speak straight to the hearts of the people. It was one day when my sister was telling a story to her child that I could see how attentive he was to the words and fantasy that the story of his mom was telling. The channel was wide open, and the concentration in the air was so high that inspired me to take this happening and transform it in to an artistic experience."

That is the concept of Com t'estimo. Reading a fairy-tale to an audience and expressing it visually through dance simultaneously, so that the channel of expression grows exponentially and we can arrive to the deepest corners of the viewers.

This piece gathers the visual poetry of movement and acting, the intellectual and emotional poetry of a meaningful story and the fine touch of a guitar, which combined expresses more than just a dance piece, but a delicate bubble filled with both magic and realness.

Maria Martínez Bayona, writer and director, writes a tale inspired by the myth that explains the existence of the monasteries.

"When I first read the myth, I could find in it a great sense of humanity and a beautiful story built on respect for one another and that’s why I decided to take it as an inspiration to create a space where peace, understanding and respect is found, felt and shared."

A collaboration with:

Maria Martínez Bayona, Yaiza Coll, Aïda Pitarch, Alejandro Jiménez and COS Festival's team.