Works with the

Origen Festival

ARSA DA RIOM by Giovanni Netzer, at the Freilichtspiele Theater in Riom

(June and July 2023)

VENEZIA by Giovanni Netzer, at the Clavadeira Theater in Riom

(December and January 2023/2024)

MAGI by Yuka Oishi, at the Juliertheater

(February and March 2018)

TIME by Yuka Oishi, at theJuliertheater

(February 2023)

The name Origen is Rhaeto-Romanic and means genesis, origin, creation. Accordingly, the programme of the festival is a commitment to the cultural power of a trilingual region which thrives on cultural exchange. Origen does not understand itself as an alpine ghetto of a dying language, but as a vivid testimonial to a lively language community who dares embarking on cultural adventures again and again.

From 2018 I participate in the Origen Festival, based in Riom (Switzerland), taking part in the productions from its director, Giovanni Netzer, as well as collaborating with guest choreographers.