Throughout all this years performing in the Staatsoper of Hamburg as well as touring around the world, I danced a large part of the company's repertoire in many productions, embodying a considerable number of soloist and principal roles, such as:

Jesus in "Matthäus-Passion"

Der Goldene Sklave in 'Scheherazade' und Der Faun in 'L'Après-midi d'un faune' in "Nijinsky"

Konstantin (Kostja) Grawilowitsch Trepljow in "Die Möwe"

Der Mann im Schatten in "Illusionen – wie Schwanensee"

Drosselmeier in "Der Nussknacker"

Zettel/Pyramus in "Ein Sommernachtstraum"

Der Wanderer, der Gondoliere, ein Tanzpaar, Dionysos, der Friseur, der Gitarrist in "Tod in Venedig"

Die drei Weisen in "Weihnachtsoratorium I-VI"

Zaretsky in "Tatjana"

Das Publikum in "Duse"

Malvolio in "Die Glasmenagerie"

"Beethoven-Projekt I and II"

Konzipist im Jenseits und Ficsúr in "Liliom"

Hamlet in "Hamlet" and Horvendel in "Hamlet 21"

Tybalt und Bruder Lorenzo in "Romeo und Julia"



The doubt in "Peer Gynt"


Dialogs in "Old friends"

Man III in "Bernstein Dances"

"Birthday Dances"


"Das Lied von der Erde"

Since 2011 I have worked with the Hamburg Ballett beside John Neumeier (Artistic director and house choreographer).

(2011 - 2016) Corp member

(2016 - 2022) Soloist member

(From 2022) Guest artist

The Hamburg Ballett, under the artistic direction of John Neumeier, is a renowned dance company based in Hamburg, Germany. With a history of excellence in dance, the Hamburg Ballett has gained international recognition for its unique and innovative performances. Neumeier's choreography blends classical ballet with contemporary influences, resulting in captivating and thought-provoking productions. The dancers of the Hamburg Ballett are highly skilled and dedicated, delivering powerful and emotive performances that leave audiences spellbound. As a cultural gem of Hamburg, the ballet company continues to push boundaries and inspire both dance enthusiasts and newcomers to the art form.


Die Möwe

Ein Sommernachtstraum

Tod in Venedig


Illusionen – wie Schwanensee

Der Nussknacker

Beethoven-Projekt I and II

Die Glasmenagerie





Weihnachtsoratorium I-VI

Peer Gynt


Old friends