Inspired by Niccolò Machiavelli, commonly known as Machiavelli; a renowned Italian philosopher, historian, and politician of the Renaissance period. He is most famous for his treatise "The Prince", written in 1513, which explores political power and the tactics by which it is attained and mantained.

"Machiavelli's work significantly influenced political theory, especially in terms of realpolitik and the concept of the separation between ethics and politics. His views on power and governance, often associated with cunning and ruthlessness, have earned him a reputation as an amoral and manipulative thinker. While some condemn his ideas as morally bankrupt, others argue that he merely provided a realistic analysis of the political landscape. Regardless of the controversies surrounding his work, there is no denying the lasting impact Machiavelli had on society, forever changing the way we understand and approach politics."

A collaboration with:

Francesc Cerro i Ferran, Illia Zakrevskyi, Candela Muschetto and Teatre Fortuny's team.