"I personally sense dance and physical theater as a method and need of expression, always looking for new forms of movement and exploring new choreographic concepts, collaborating with other artists to find the poetry that lies in ourselves. To explain stories, a point of view or simply to find the beauty of emotions; and reflect on ourselves with the movement of the soul through the human body as an expression. Probably the most ancestral art of expression."

I was trained at the Escola de Dansa i Arts Escèniques Artis in Reus, Escuela de Danza María de Ávila in Zaragoza, and graduated at the Hamburg Ballet School in Hamburg.

In 2011 I started my professional artistic career, working with the Hamburg Ballet as a soloist dancer while performing in many other festivals, galas and artistic projects abroad. Meanwhile I developed my own choreographic practice.

At this moment Marc Jubete is a freelance artistic director, choreographer and dancer.

Marc Jubete Bascompte

Born in Reus, Spain. December 25th, 1989

Artistic director, Choreographer and Dancer

I choreograph and direct productions for established dance companies, theatre ensembles, as well as new creations for theatres, festivals and galas around the world.

In 2016 I received the Promising Young Dancer of the Season award (Dr. Wilhelm Oberdörffer-Preis, Hamburg), and Best Choreographic Work award (Erik Bruhn Prize, Toronto).

Credits for photographic and videographic works

Kiran West Borja Bermúdez

Illia Zakrevskyi Holger Badekow

Vincent Klüger Josep Rodenas

Jesús Umbría Joan Maria Llussà

Candela Muschetto Iván Rodríguez

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